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This digitable workbook is for the woman feeling drawn to explore her feminine side and get in touch with her dreams.


It is designed to help you embark on the ancient, archetypal process known as the Feminine Odyssey. This undervalued but transformitive path challenges you to discover your deepest desires, accept your authentic self, and boldly pursue your dreams. 



  • A quiz to determine if you function in your masculine or feminine energy
  • Reflection prompts to guide you through the Feminine Odyssey process
  • Resource guides for further exploration 
  • Deep-dives into the Feminine Odyssey and the Hero's Journey


The twenty-five reflection questions (in conjuction with the additional exercises) would be perfect for a month of daily guided journaling. 


If you're finding yourself feeling conflicted between your responsibilitites and your passions, or if you are desiring more awareness around your dreams, this workbook is for you. 


In it, you'll find a balanced approach to honoring yourself, guidance for embracing your feminine side, and more!


This is an instant digital download so you can access the content immediately. To use this workbook, you can print it out or type directly on the PDF. Remember to save after editing!


Note: due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds.




Feminine Odyssey Workbook

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