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Compass Pointing North
Picture of Founder, Megan

the path to clarity

begins with you 

embrace your authentic self, unlock a life of purpose

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I love inviting women to... 

Reconnect with their HEARTS

First, we rediscover the real you. Using counseling methods taught at the widely acclaimed Townsend Institute, we'll identify your core desires and limiting beliefs.

Leverage their 


Then, we'll explore the way your mind works and identify your personality type. We'll craft a plan that honors your unique wiring. 



After clarifying your passions, talents, and mission; we'll identify a practical path that aligns with your goals. 

Embrace the Real You

 Every personality type brings value to our world. Unfortunately, many of us were forced to bury our true selves–our natural way of approaching life, our beliefs, and our desires. Perhaps that authentic part of you was criticized by loved ones or crushed by a need to survive. That precious, true part withers away.

My job is to unearth the real you. Together, we'll craft an actionable vision that encompasses all of you.  


There’s a future version of yourself who is filled with deep self-acceptance, motivated by a vision for her life, and empowered by unshakable self-trust.


Whether you’re feeling burnt out, scattered, confused, or like your dreams aren't valid—I believe that you can find the clarity you need to live your dreams. I am so honored to support you in your journey to discover and embrace the real you!

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Meet Megan

I'm a certified coach on a mission to help you become the most aligned version of yourself! I'm here to help you craft an actionable vision that provides you with peace, motivation, and fulfillment everyday. 

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